Mom’s Review: Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

Breast milk is more valuable than diamond or gold, at least when you’re a mom. The nutrient it contains is like no other; hence, the milk ads’ disclaimer “Breast milk is the best for babies up to two years of age and beyond” is indisputable.

Science and humans’ natural instincts alike have proven its benefits that are incomparable no matter how nutrient-packed formula milk is. So it is only proper for us moms to keep it the way we hide our precious jewelries—safe and free from spoiling elements.


But with all the products available in the market, how do you know which is the best breast milk storage?

Good question. Here’s my checklist I would like to share with you.

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The Checklist:

  • Safe: I can’t stress this enough. Every material of the products we use for our babies should be safe. Since breast milk storage bags are usually made of plastic, we have to make sure its components are nothing but baby-friendly—free from harmful chemicals and hypoallergenic.
  • Spill-free: As I mentioned earlier, every drop of breast milk is precious. You (or the breast milk storage) should not let a single drop spill, whether it’s placed in the freezer or a breast milk bag you carry with you.
  • Durable: We want to give our babies the best nourishment for as long as we can, and we should find products that can also last that long. I’ve used a lot of storages that get torn when thawed. Totally not worth it.
  • Handy: Being a mom, we’re expected to look after the baby, cook dinner, and clean the house all at the same time. For some, working in the office is part of the list. It is no question that we need breast milk storage that doesn’t require rocket science to be used.
  • Affordable: I will not explain this any further, but having a baby is already costly enough. We need paraphernalia that are pocket-friendly.Here now are the five milk storage bags  that made my cut.

The Best Breast Milk Storage Bag Candidates:


Spill-free feature: Has leak-proof twist-locking cap

Safety: Made of LDPE and BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free

Durability: Made of durable plastic

Handiness: May pump into and feed directly from the pouch

What I like most: The first thing I noticed with this storage bag is the cap. It is one leak-free seal. Also, I love that I could pump into this pouch as well and I could just attach the nipple and feed my baby from it directly. And did I say they’re reusable too?

What it has to work on: Well, compared to the other products, this is a bit pricey. But the fact that it is reusable compensates for it. However, since it is reusable, I wish it came with detachable stickers so I could replace the date when reusing it. And I wish it came with a wide-neck cap and nipples. My baby preferred it.


Spill free feature: Has double zipper and a self-standing bag. The extra wide seal makes it easy to transfer milk from and to a bottle without spillage

Safety: BPA free, pre-sterilized, and oxygen barrier to maintain milk freshness

Durability: Made of thick and durable plastic

Handiness: Easy to seal. Can be stored flat or standing up depending on storage needs

What I like most: This milk storage is very nice because I can let it stand on its own while I pour the milk. Also, with its wide opening, I can exercise my multitasking skill, holding my baby in one hand and pouring the milk with the other with very little to no spillage (depending if my baby’s very active).

What it has to work on: The “thick and durable plastic” the manufacturer promises is not durable enough to survive 3-4 feet drops. I know that milk storage bags are not designed for dropping, but, hey, accidents happen. You’ll never know.


Spill free feature: Has no-leak zipper top and no-spill stand up bottom.

Safety: BPA free and has oxygen barrier

Durability: Made of durable plastic

Handiness: May pump directly into the bag. May be stored flat or standing up

What I like most: I had a Medela pump so I bought these so that I could pump directly into the bag. And I love these bags for that. Also, since I was using a small insulated bag for my pumped milk, I love that these can be stored standing up. It gave more room for other pumped milk and the pump itself.

What it has to work on: I haven’t tried dropping this bag, but the looks of it show that it is also not designed for dropping. Also, it only accommodates about 5 ounces of milk, but I get more than that in one pumping. It is not practical that I have to stop mid-session to change bags.


Spill free feature: Has tamper-evident, fully sealed tear away top and patented double Click ‘n’ SecureTMSeal. Has pour spout for spill free transfer from storage to bottle

Safety: Made of LDPE or low density polyethylene and BPA and BPS free

Durability: Has doubled sealed seams to prevent unwanted tears

Handiness: Easy to seal. Lays flat when stored that doesn’t occupy much space

What I like most: These bags are certainly the cheapest (at least when I bought it). I also love that I can store it flat—so flat that I can pile multiple bags on top of each other to save space.But I especially love the lock—the feel and sound. It’s like a bubble wrap for me every time I seal it. The clicking sound assures me that I have completely and successfully sealed my liquid gold, ready to be kept safely.

What it has to work on: Consistency. If there’s one thing that sums up what I want to improve in this product, it’s the quality consistency. At first I could freeze and thaw my breast milk alright, but the second pack I bought contains a rotten tomato. I mean I thawed the milk, and lo and behold! My milk combined with the water. The bag was torn and my precious milk leaked.

This could be a quality control thing. The one in charge might have been talking with someone over the phone and overlooked that one bag that has damage in it. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t happen.


Spill free feature: Has double zipper closure

Safety: Pre-sterilized and BPA free

Durability: Made of durable plastic with reinforced sides

Handiness: Bag can stand on its own for easy pouring of milk. May also be stored flat

What I like most: This definitely survived my (unintentional) drop test. So that’s a plus for us somehow clumsy mommies. I also love that I can pour milk into it hands-free because it’s independent—can stand on its own after 2 ounces have been poured. And among all the bags, this one is definitely leak free.

What it has to work on: The measurements in the bag are incorrect, which got me confused the first time. Good thing I wasn’t relying on these pouches for the measurement but on the feeding bottle itself.

The Verdict

Before I reveal my choice for the best breast milk storage--not only for me but also for other moms out there--let me do a recap of my criteria.

First, it has to be safe. Definitely. If it passes all the other four, but its safety is questionable, it’s automatically out of my list.

Second, it has to be spill-free. I don’t deprive myself of extra sleep just to have my hard earned, pumped milk spilled.

Third, it has to be durable. It has to work as hard as I do.

Fourth, it has to be easy to use and practical. I don’t have all the time in the world to figure out how to use it. It should also be enough to hold the amount of milk I can pump in one sitting without the need to change pouches often.

Last, it has to be affordable. Period.

With all the mentioned criteria, it seems that all the candidates above can be called the best breast milk storage. But among them, the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Pouch stands out. It passed all the above standards easily although I really wish it had better labeling options.

But aside from handpicking the best milk storage bag, you also have to know how to keep our precious milk properly.

What about you? Which breast milk bag do you recommend?

Sarah Morgan

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