How To Change Diapers

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I know being a mom for the first time is full of questions, worries, and concerns. How do you do this and that? What if it’s like this and that?

I totally feel you. That is why here I am sharing what I can with you, so you don’t have to grope in the dark.

This time, I am telling you how to change diapers be it the disposable or the cloth one. I know that this is usually a source of dread because our little angels are very fragile at this time, but it’s also most of the times funny.

So just relax, follow these steps, and you’ll be alright.



What you need

  • check
    Diaper changing mat
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    Clean diaper (cloth/reusable or disposable)
  • check
    Clean cloth
  • check
    Wet wipes or cotton balls and lukewarm distilled water
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    Anti-rash cream

Steps to removing dirty diapers

Diaper changing

Step 1 : Clean your hands very well.
You may either wash your hands with soap and water, use a hand sanitizer or wipe your hands with a sanitized napkin. If none of this is available at the moment, you can use baby wipes instead.

Cleaning your hands is necessary because you don’t want your babies to be irritated by the dirt and dust that’s accommodated in your hands.

Step 2: Prepare your baby, the diaper, and a clean cloth. 
First, you have to make sure the clean diaper is ready. If it’s still folded unfold it. It will slowly go back to being folded if it’s a disposable diaper but that’s OK. Place the clean diaper right beside your baby.

Next prepare your baby. Place her on the changing surface if you have one. If not, place a diaper changing mat beside her. Then slowly place her on the mat. She doesn’t need to have her whole body on the mat. It can be just the lower half of her body. Just make sure at least half of her back is on the mat.

Step 3: Remove the dirty diaper.
Start at unfastening it. If you’re using a disposable one, look for the tabs on both sides and pull them away. Pull down the front part of the diaper slowly, making sure its dirty contents do not spill on the mat.

Lift your baby’s leg slowly as you pull the diaper away from her. If it’s soiled, you have to cover it with the front part and carefully folding until the entire stool is no longer visible. 

Put it away while not letting go of your baby’s legs. She may have poop on her butt, so you should make sure it doesn’t touch the diaper mat. The dirty diaper should be placed as far as possible from your little one.

By the way, your baby’s clothes will have to be removed first of course, especially if she’s wearing a onesie. Otherwise, you can just remove her lower garment.

Step 4: Clean your baby.
While still lifting your baby’s legs, slide the clean cloth underneath your baby. This will make sure the changing mat will not get dirty.

Using the wipes or the wet cotton, slowly wipe it from front to back. This is crucial, especially for a baby girl. Wiping from back to the top may infection on your baby’s genitals.

Make sure all residual poop is gone. Check the thighs and all the creases.

Once everything is clean, remove the clean cloth and put it away from your baby. Then let your baby dry. You may also wipe off excess liquid using a dry napkin or another clean cloth.

Once the baby’s skin is dry, apply the anti-rash cream.

Step 5: Put on the clean diaper.
There are two ways to do this. You may either slide it underneath the baby or spread it beside your baby then lift and move her on the spread diaper. Either way, make sure that the back or bottom part reaches your baby’s waist.

Once the bottom part is neatly spread underneath your baby, pull the top part towards the stomach. If you have a baby boy, point his penis down first.

For newborn babies, make sure the umbilical cord is not covered. Newborn nappies are designed not to interfere with it by default. Otherwise, fold over the front of the diaper first before fastening it.

Step 6: Fasten the diaper.
Fastening the diaper depends on the type and brand of the diaper. If you’re using cloth, you need a clip to fasten it. Disposable diapers use either adhesives or velcro. If the diapers have adhesive tabs, make sure these don’t touch your baby’s skin.

So once you’ve pulled these tapes off their protective cover, make sure you attach them right away to the top part of the diaper.

Before attaching these tabs, by the way, hold the front part down with one hand so it will stay in place. Be careful not to press it too tight that it hurts your little one.

After fastening both sides of the tab or the clip of the diaper, insert your index and middle finger in the front part a bit to make sure the diaper isn’t too tight.

Step 7: Tidy up.
First, move your baby from the changing mat to her crib. Then start throwing your trash. Make sure to put the diaper in the diaper pail. For soiled cloth diapers, remove the poop from it right away. If you don’t have time wash it immediately, soak it in water mixed with a mild detergent soap. Poop may leave a stain on the diaper. Soaking it first will loosen and soften the stain.

Last, put the items you used back to their proper places.

My final words

Learning how to change diapers is not a rocket science at all. You just have to prepare the things you need, follow the steps mentioned above, and you’re good.

But make sure you also prepare something that will distract your little one. This may be boring for her and some babies cry a lot when they’re wet. Having something to distract them will make it easier for you.

Another thing you have to prepare, if the diaper is soiled, is your sense of sight and smell. I know some mothers (but usually fathers) who almost throw up upon seeing the sight.

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