What Is The Difference Between A Co-Sleeper and A Bassinet?

The newborn baby at the beginning and for some months usually sleeps in a bassinet or cot. The bassinet should be located in the parent’s room, as a safety measure. The idea is that by the third or fourth month the baby will go to the co-sleeper. The newborn at the beginning and for a few months usually sleeps in a bassinet or cot that must be located in the parents’ room, as a security measure in addition to facilitating feeding during the night. Before you read further also check our article on using arm’s reach co-sleeper.

A Complete Guide on Whats Difference Between A Co-Sleeper and A Bassinet?

The bassinet is the generic name used to call the place where the newborn will sleep. It can be made of wicker (if it is like this to be fixed so that it does not have splinters), it can be a cot type, or of various models. The important thing is that it is safe and stable.

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It can be of medium size, neither too small nor too wide, to make sure it is comfortable for the baby. For the bassinet to be safe is the mattress is hard, that is to say, that when supporting the child does not sink in the central part (this serves to reduce the risks of sudden death). The foot of the bassinet is stable, that it does not fall. If it is with wheels, it will facilitate the transfer of it.

The bassinet can be used until the child grows enough and does not have space; generally, its use is limited to the third or fourth month. It is advised that babies stay in the parents’ room for a longer time, up to 6 months at least or up to one year of age. In this way and being close to the mother, it becomes easier to breastfeed during the night, and there are also studies that observed that it is a way to reduce the risks of sudden death. These are recommendations that each family should evaluate.

There are parents who cannot sleep because they are very aware of the baby, in which case it is recommended to take the baby to their room before the aforementioned time. While co-sleeper can also be used from the beginning or when the bassinet is too small for the baby. Usually, this happens around the third or fourth month, depending on the size of the baby and the bassinet.

In the market, there are many types of co-sleeper which have the dimensions of a single bed and usually includes a changing table and a chest of drawers attached to one end. Also, remember not to place the co-sleeper near a window, this will avoid unnecessary risks.  Check the co-sleeper periodically to make sure there are no sharp edges, nails or breaks.

A few days before moving the baby from the co-sleeper to the bassinet, we can make a small adaptation. During the day we can leave the baby in his future bassinet and environment so that little by little he incorporates this new space. If the child cries or feels strange in this place, sometimes it is good to place it inside the traveling basket and this in turn in the bassinet, in this way you will feel more content.

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