How to Clean Arms Reach Co-Sleeper? – A Step By Step Guide

Considering the amount of time your baby spends sleeping, keeping your mattress clean is a must. Between dust mites and diapers that will inevitably leak, the mattress in your baby’s crib can get very dirty over time. Young immune systems are susceptible to germs, so regular cleaning of your baby’s mattress is very important to keep it healthy. This simple task can be achieved in an afternoon with the minimal attempt.

Aspirate the co sleeper with the comb attachment to put off dust. Turn the mattress over and vacuum it on the other side. Both the cover and the core are easy to clean and quick drying, so it is very easy to maintain the baby’s rest environment in the best conditions. To maintain the hygienic conditions of the co sleeper, a wash is recommended every two or three days. Before you read further also check our article on if co-sleepers are safe.

A Complete Guide To Clean Arms Reach Co-Sleeper

The fabric of the cover can be put in the washing machine together with the rest of the laundry. We recommend not using a washing process of more than 40 degrees. It can be dried both in the air and in the dryer. It is important to make sure that the rack slide is not damaged after each wash. We do not recommend using softener since the colorants and flavorings that are used can generate unwanted allergies in the baby.

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The most comfortable and quick way to wash the core is to put it in the bathtub and rinse it with tap water. It is important that it is completely dry before refastening it again. To dry it, we recommend shaking the core of co-sleeper mattress until we eject all the drops of dew from the inside of the core. Once this action is done, let it dry in a place where the air circulates.

We do not recommend leaving the nucleus exposed to sunlight since, although it would maintain all its properties, it is composed of a photosensitive material and would lose color due to oxidation. We remind you that the co-sleeper mattress is designed to position the baby on the white cover of the cover.

Tests with baby dummies have shown that the use of low sheets can reduce the capacity of the mattress to ventilate the microclimate that surrounds the baby, therefore, we do not recommend using a bottom sheet as it would detract properties from the mattress. We must bear in mind that the sheet is designed to protect the co-sleeper, but not the baby. It is possible to use the cover as a sheet, so it is advisable to have a spare cover.

To keep your little one warm during the break, a pajama-blanket would be an ideal option. Wash the co sleeper weekly and clean the mattress every two to four weeks. Wash bedding with water that is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit to help eliminate dust mites.

Using a co-sleeper will protect your baby from dust mites. A co-sleeper is easier to clean and impervious to dust mites. Also check our article on when a baby is too big for co-sleeper.

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