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All About Summer Shoes For Toddlers

Are you trying to figure out what are the best summer shoes for toddlers so you can pick one, which is more than appropriate for your child’s needs? The summer season is the time when your toddler gets so busy with all the activities that he/she wants to do.

The problem is you might find it a challenge to pick the best pair for him/her, especially if he/she tends to wiggle too much out of your lap or throw tantrums when you are out shopping. Minimize the hassle by ensuring that you are fully aware of what you should look for with this article.

Energy Drinks And Breastfeeding

There are days when coffee is not enough. We have those times when we just need a quick and cold energy boost; as breastfeeding can (literally) drain our energy. Some moms breezed through the day while taking a few sips of coffee here and there.

What about energy drinks? Is it safe to take a can of energy drink while breastfeeding your baby? Is it the same as the usual cup of coffee?

Mom’s Question: Does Beer Increases Breast Milk Supply?

More and more moms are asking whether the old wives’ tale that says beer increases milk supply is correct. The answer is yes and no. It turns out that drinking beer is like a two-edged sword. The beer that your grandmother used to drink a few centuries ago is not the same factory-made beer that you can buy nowadays.

In the past, a beer concoction is made by hand, but now, it is mass-made in a facility somewhere offsite. The quality of beers nowadays has more alcohol and less flavor and even lesser grains. They do not compare to the older craft beers, they won’t function just as good.

Get Your Bed Back Now: When And How To Stop Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is one of the best things that you can do for your child. No memory is as precious as those twilight times when your baby is cuddled by your side. But no matter how much your child wants to bed share, there will come the time when he’s got to sleep on his own. That is inevitable, after all, who wants to co-sleep up to grade school?

So you have decided to call co-sleeping quits? Perhaps your baby is now too big; he is occupying most of the bed. Or it could also be due to dads’ protests. You want to get your bed back but how? Are you prepared to face your child’s protests and tears?

5 Tips On Stopping Breastfeeding Cold Turkey

Weaning is a process; it takes time. Don’t do it in a rush. Stopping breastfeeding cold turkey is difficult both for the mom and the baby. Weaning abruptly isn’t easy. But every mother eventually comes to a time when weaning is inevitable.

You rejoice, now you can eat and go wherever you want, although you will surely miss all that special bonding moments with your baby. So let me guide you on how you can dry up your breast milk supply.

Breast Milk Pumping and Storage 101

Breast milk is liquid gold. Breastfeeding is in itself, an act of love, but pumping breast milk takes it a step further. Not all mothers have the luxury of time and energy to breastfeed round-the-clock.

Pumping and storing breast milk can help to ensure that baby is breastfed exclusively, without the aid of formula milk. When done right, it is even possible to store breast milk to last for six months or more, giving your baby the best nourishment you can ever provide.

Using Dr. Shettles Method To Conceive A Boy Or Girl. Is It Working?

Is it wrong to covet for a certain gender for your unborn child? What if your choice of gender didn’t come out as planned? Will you just let your unwanted child take the life-long blame for something that is beyond his/her control?

There are some popular gender-swaying methods out there that sound like those old-wives tales. Are they even reliable in the first place? Let us discuss one of these popular gender-swaying techniques, the Shettles method.


Making Breast Milk Last: How To Scald Breast Milk?

Breastfeeding is the best thing that you can give your baby but this wonderful practice isn’t always easy. You are lucky if you are one of those who never need to store lots of breast milk in preparation for work. But for most moms, freezing and storing milk is the reality.

You might be one of those mothers who have stored a nice stash of breast milk bags in the freezer, only to find out later that they taste foul once heated. Soapy, sour, metallic, rancid or just downright gross; your milk can taste like any or all of these.


How To Teach Your Toddler The Real-life Skill Of Saving And Earning Money

If there are some lessons that we cannot learn enough, one of them is about money. And if there is a topic that we parents eschew due to its utter complexity, it’s about finances.

When my six-year-old son requested for my credit card to pay for an online game, I realized that it’s about time to teach him a money lesson. You might think that your toddler is too young to understand the vast world of finance, but there is no better time for him/her to learn about money than now.