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What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like?

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! While I can sense your excitement for the baby, I can also understand the discomfort and anxiety that comes with it. And morning sickness is one of them.

The inconvenience you feel every time you wake up in the morning (or anytime of the day) is referred to as morning sickness. Different moms suffer various feelings during this time, but these can be grouped into five.

Mom’s Question: Does Tanning Help Stretch Marks?

It's bikini season, but you have stretch marks? Don’t feel ashamed, you are still beautiful even with all those “battle scars.” Stretch marks gradually fade out over time. If you are in a hurry, you can go under the knife and resort to expensive medical procedures such as laser or surgery.

But is there a way to hide them the easy and cheap way? What about tanning? What are the drawbacks to tanning and does it works to hide your marks? Let us find out.

Is Food Poisoning Contagious? Facts and Prevention

Is food poisoning contagious? Yes and no. You’ll get food poisoning from eating food contaminated with a toxin or organism, not from being near a person that has it. Depending on the type of organism that causes it, you can get infected by using contaminated utensils or handling contaminated surfaces.

The best way to prevent catching this pesky illness is to be educated about the foodstuffs that cause it. Being a parent, you must also be able to recognize its signs so you can act fast. Let us get down to the basics!

How To Healing Post-Partum Depression Naturally

Giving birth is life-changing for a mother. It is the most painful experience a woman can ever endure in her lifetime. Giving life to a child is risky; it can drastically change a mother’ mind and body. Changes can be positive or negative.

These brave women are never the same; they can recover, but sometimes their psyche takes on a different direction. Women experience varying mood shifts post-partum. While the majority can be elated and exhausted, the few unexpectedly slide into gloomy post-partum blues or even depression.


What To Expect During And After Caesarian Delivery

It helps to be prepared for the unexpected. Natural childbirth is stressful enough, so an unforeseen C-section can likely double that. Take it from my first-hand experience. I thought I got my first childbirth thoroughly planned, yet I didn’t include the possibility of undergoing an emergency caesarean delivery.

My baby's heartbeat had declined and I was also panicking myself. It was an anxious and terrifying experience for me and my partner back then. Looking back during those times, I might not have been too much of a harrowing experience if I had prepared myself enough.

Natural Ways On How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Mattress

Caring for small children and pets can get messy, yet having them around will make any house feel like home. For myself, I had spent most of my free time either chasing after the kids or cleaning up as they make more mess.

I’m already used to the chaos; it’s just the cleaning part that’s difficult. It’s my little one’s soiled mattress and the carpet that has most tested my patience. I can easily make my house spotless yet it is the removal of urine smell that I find challenging.