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Moments To Cherish: 5 Best Baby Memory Books

Don’t we sometimes wish we can hold on to all those precious moments with our kids? Too bad, time ticks fast. Before you know it, all those baby milestones have already passed.

I cannot blame you; our memories can only hold so much.

Good thing we can keep a memento of all those memories to make them last.

Some parents resort to simple journal, some collect pictures and videos, while others make scrapbooks.

But to make safekeeping of baby’s milestones easy, choose a memory book. Here are my five picks for the best baby memory books.

Mom’s Review: Picking The Best Double Umbrella Strollers

Having two small kids is awesome. It is twice the fun and excitement! But having two tiny tots in tow is also a challenge. Hence, you need the help of double umbrella strollers when you're out and about.

But it can't be just any double umbrella strollers.

Using the wrong double stroller to carry your children around can be a hassle. Most double strollers may be bulky and will likely give some serious yet unnecessary workout to your muscles. 

But if you get the best double umbrella stroller, you don't have to worry about straining your muscles and making your kids uncomfortable. 

How do you know then which double umbrella stroller to choose?

Mom’s Review: Best Baby Activity Center

Moms and healthcare experts are divided when it comes to the safety of child activity centers. One side says even the best baby activity center hinders gross motor development. The other says that we need a baby activity center to keep baby occupied on the floor while we get other stuff done.

I cannot take sides because I am likewise guilty of using an exersaucer as a “substitute nanny,” so I am still sharing with you a list of the best.


Before we go about and take our pick at the best baby activity center, let me first give you some words of caution for your child’s safety.

Mom’s Review: Best Potty Seat

Potty training is one of my favorite parts of raising my daughter. Yes, it’s tedious and effortful, but the rewards are, for me, oddly satisfying.

But training your kids to go number 2 on their own is not an easy feat. It requires effort and patience. A lot of them.

Potty seats, however, have somehow reduced that effort by letting our little tots sit on the toilet on their own instead of us holding them the whole time.

But that’s not all. The best potty seat can offer us more than that.

Mom’s Review: Best Baby Bath Tub

We all want the best for our babies—from the care that we give to the things that our baby needs. Among these things include baby's bath essentials, which primary include the best baby bath tub.

Since bathing a baby could be a real struggle, it is important that we put our precious little one in a tub where we and our kids will feel extra comfort. This will make bath time something to look forward to.

And, oh, don’t forget safety too. Not all babies are born swimmers.

Mom’s Review: Best All Terrain Strollers

Giving birth must not stop you from living an active and healthy lifestyle. You might not have much time now on your own, but there’s a way around that.

Why not take your baby with you?

You can prop baby into the stroller during your next beach trip, morning hike, or evening run. Theres  will be lots of pushing for sure, and you’ll be sore afterward. ​

But if you have the best all-terrain stroller, that's no problemo.

Mom’s Review: Best Heating Pads For Your Back And Body

After giving birth, and probably after aging (by a lot!), I started to notice muscle pains in different areas, especially in the lower back region. There were times I couldn’t sleep due to this pain, which sometimes radiates in the legs.

A doctor advised me to undergo physical therapy, which I did; but after completing the sessions, I still get that occasional pain although it’s less intense.

My being a Web information scourer paid off as I discovered that heat therapy from heating pads could temporarily relieve me from this terrible pain. And soon I embarked on the search for the best heating pads there is.

So I am sharing this list with you, but first lemme provide you with a rundown of what makes the best heating pad.

Mom’s Review: Best Jumper for Baby

Babies just love that bouncing freedom while inside a jumper. If your little one is the hyperactive type, then a jumper can help him burn some energy.


It is adorable to watch your mini-me jump and shriek with delight! You can also have some free “me” time even for a few minutes.

So how can you pick the best jumper for baby?

Here are my top 5.