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Mom’s Review: Best Wipe Warmer

Why is a regular wipe dispenser not enough?

That’s the first question that popped in my head the first time I heard about getting a wipe warmer.

I mean, wipes’ temperature don’t fall near the freezing point, right? It pretty much adopts the temperature of the environment it’s in.

Yes, that’s correct but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. And not just any warmer but the best wipe warmer at that.

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Mom’s Review: What’s the Best Changing Pad?

Do you want to change diapers on top of your clean bed? N to the O. Your baby’s exploding poop will just ruin the sheets!

How about doing it on top of a bathroom counter? Not possible either. If your kid is as energetic as mine, he’ll be on the floor the next second.

Also, the bathroom counter is fool of germs. You don't want your kid to get any of it while lying on the counter.

So what is the answer to squirmy kids and dirty surfaces?

Mom’s Review: 5 Picks For The Best Diaper Pails In The Market

Poops, pukes, rotten diapers; ah the perks of being a parent!

Let’s admit it:

 Our babies smell like angels, but diapers? Nope. Baby diapers are so stinky that the usual trash bin won’t do.

You might say that you can get used to the foul smell. Let me tell you that this odor will just get worse as your baby eats more and more solids.

So, if you don’t want your house to smell like shit, better check out this list of the best diaper pails.

Mom’s Review: Best Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin

Should you really be very picky when it comes to baby wipes? Aren't they all the same?

Unfortunately, no.

The usual wipes contain a cocktail of chemicals that I can barely pronounce. Flame retardants, preservatives, dyes, alcohol, artificial fragrances, bleach; the list goes on.

To think that all these substances touch your baby’s bottom, you’ve got to think twice.

There are hundreds of baby wipes in the market but only a few that are certified safe and chemical-free. To save you the guesswork, here I am giving you now a run down of the best baby wipes for sensitive skin.

Mom’s Review: Best Nasal Aspirator For Baby’s Blocked Nose

A snotty-nosed baby is a grumpy baby. It is miserable to see your little mini-me with dripping snot and teary eyes. He finds it difficult to breathe and is slowly turning blue (or green).

You can wipe all you want the snot but you need something better to take that blockage out. You don’t want to feel helpless in the middle of the night with your snotty wimpy youngster wailing on top of his lungs.

That’s when the best nasal aspirator comes in handy!

But as a mom, I totally know how painful it is to get the best nasal aspirator that you can rely on.


I have done the legwork for you and reviewed the best and most effective nasal aspirator to clear your baby’s nose in no time.

But first...

Let me discuss briefly what a nasal aspirator is.

Mom’s Review: Best Forehead Thermometer for Babies

OK, I think you'll agree with me when I say:

We sometimes do not know if our baby is hot or our hands are just cold.

This is why we need a trusty thermometer nearby so we can accurately tell if our baby's running a fever or not.

The problem is:

Not all thermometers are created equal. In fact, there are different types of thermometers than can give you different readings.

So how do you know which one to get?

Here are my 5 picks for the best forehead thermometer for babies (and hundreds, if not thousands, of moms love them too!).


Mom’s Review: Picking The Best Baby Cereal

Your precious baby deserves nothing but the best. Out of the hundreds of baby cereal brands variants in the market, only a handful is worth mentioning.

You see, finding the best baby cereal is a bit tricky!

That colorful box sitting pretty on the grocery shelf might be just a simple concoction of sugar and whatnot.

That enticing box of cereal with adorning cartoon character and superheroes most likely contain just empty carbs.

Don’t ever get tricked by appearances and labels!

So let me share with you how I picked the best baby cereal for my kids. These are all based on my experiences, extensive research, and expert advice.

And, oh...

Some trial and error too.

Mom’s Review: Best Swim Diaper for Summer

First of all, why do you think you need a swim diaper when there's a regular diaper you can purchase for less?

The answer is simple:

Hygiene and convenience.

You see, when you use a regular diaper when swimming, it won't be able to hold in your little one's poop. As a result, the pool will be contaminated, which is not good for you and the other swimmers.

On the convenience side, swim diapers are less absorbent than the regular diapers. This means it won't get too heavy once your baby starts waddling in water. 


What is the best swim diaper for your little swimmer? Here are my top picks.

Mom’s Review: Best Baby Shampoo For Cradle Cap

Seborrheic Dermatitis or cradle cap in layman’s term is that unsightly oily patches or thick skin scales at baby’s scalp. It tends to get yucky because it is fairly resistant to most shampoos and can spread all over your child’s head.

What is the best way to handle cradle cap?

An ordinary shampoo won’t do for cases of cradle cap. This type of yeast can live on your child's scalp for years like how adults can get a lifelong case of dandruff. The skin can get flaky and itchy.

Good thing:

Cradle cap is not contagious. It is likewise not caused by allergy or poor hygiene.

Cradle cap is commonplace, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll just let it as it is. If left on its own, it can irritate baby’s scalp.


What are the effective remedies for a baby’s cradle cap?

Mom’s Review: Best Straw Sippy Cups In The Market

Do you have a toddler that has yet to outgrow his feeding bottle? Or does your six-month-old baby suddenly refused to nurse a bottle and wants to wean?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, your little one is now ready to drink from a sippy cup.

But be warned:

Transitioning from a bottle to just about any sippy cup isn’t easy. You’ve got to find the right product, and you need an infinite level of patience while cleaning up spills.

What's worse:

Some sippy cups can also hinder speech development, so you need to choose wisely.