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Mom’s Review: Top 5 Best Teething Necklace

What’s the solution for babies who just love to chew?

You may say a teether or some ice chips will do. But what if you don’t have any? That’s when the teething necklace will come handy. 

Now before I start:

I know that some moms would rather suffer than wear a slimy saliva-covered teething necklace. But if you want to keep your wits intact, you’ll need one.

So here I am sharing with you five of the best teething necklaces for your babies. But first, let me tell you why you need one.

Mom’s Question: What Is The White Spot On My Baby’s gums?

Does your child have a tiny white spot or yellowish dot on his gums? Is it an erupting teeth or what?

I experienced this with my daughter when she was about 12 weeks old. I thought she has an erupting tooth due to the whitish spot that suddenly appeared on her upper gums.

I checked the said spot and it was hard. It’s not like a tooth because it is just a few millimeters, feels flat and round. After a week, it was gone.

These white spots might just be some Bohn’s nodules, or it can also be a symptom of canker sores or oral thrush. It can also appear if the gums are scratched while your baby is playing with sharp toys.

Baby Teeth Coming In Crooked? What Should We Do?

A child’s smile is adorable; the teeth’s’ jags, crooks and uneven spaces make that smile all the cuter. But remember: it is not unusual for children’s baby teeth to be a little uneven.

If a child’s teeth are coming in crooked, does this mean that the kid will have to use braces when he gets older? What are the factors that contribute to a child’s crooked baby teeth? What can you, as a parent, do about it?

Mom’s Review: Best Teething Toys For Babies

Oh, it’s that time in our babies’ life when they suddenly start biting our nipples—teething!

Teething is one of the milestones we, parents, are excited about, but not our babies. Teething for them, well at least most babies I know, is a strenuous stage when they cry and bite and have fever and fuss.

It’s not a good feeling!

Luckily, baby experts these modern days have created a toy that can soothe our babies’ itching gums (and fill in for our breasts): the teether.

How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Teething?

When a baby is crying, what do you do? How do you understand the needs of your baby without their ability to speak?

Taking care of a baby especially for first-time mothers can be both exciting and scary.

There is no amount of happiness that can surpass that of being a mother. However, there are also inhibitions whether or not we are doing the right things.

It is important that we understand the stages of our child’s development and the corresponding adjustments we have to take.