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Baby Moves A Lot In Sleep: 6 Surprising Things You Should Know

I think you'll agree with me when I say:

The first time you have a baby is probably the most exciting and the scariest time of your adult life. When our baby moves a lot in sleep, we’re worried that she’s uncomfortable or that something wrong is happening.

Well, that is not always the case but as other people say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So we’ve listed some helpful bits of information to save the day. These may be the reasons for your baby’s movements in sleep; thus it’s nice to get to know them and apply them to our parenthood.

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5 Reasons For Toddler’s Coughing At Night According to Experts

As we all know having a baby is the most beautiful feeling in the whole wide world and no other happiness can match the limit of the glee of nurturing a little life in your hands and taking care it from all your heart and soul.

It is a time of happiness indeed but it is also a time of care and controlling yourself. We often see parents who become over-protective in taking care of their child and often cause harm to them without knowing it. 

As the toddler advances into the growth years they become open to the threats like wide spread common disease which are easily caused by contact of any allergens in the air or on land. These types of common allergens cause cough, sneezing, flu and other related diseases to the little toddlers as they grow.

As a matter of fact there is no way to stop the child from getting in contact of these low level disease because the toddler in his age is curious about everything he sees and wants to know more about it by exploring through all their senses. 

It is really a common phenomenon that you often see toddler putting everything he finds curious in his mouth. This becomes the main cause of the spread of these common diseases in most of the toddlers nowadays. 

Coughing is one of the most common symptoms of any disease found in most of the Children all around the world. Coughs and colds are common among children especially when its winter as the children especially the toddlers comes more in the contact of the germs of these kinds of diseases.

Most commonly this disease affects the children sleeping at night and most if the toddler coughing only at night is the ones who have a weak immune system. 

In fact:

Coughing is the most occurring phenomena in the body which indicates that there is an irritant in the body which is messing with the respiratory system of the body of the toddlers and then they are sleeping the body involuntarily undergo this phenomena to indicate the conscience of the mind about the inhabited irritant. 

This is the main reason that the toddlers cough at night as their immune systems are very weak to defend the body so the body indicates for a foreign help. 

Children get eight to ten colds per year until they’re about two years old. But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean that we should take toddler coughing at night lightly.

Sometimes, it may just be caused by simple saliva blocking the air passages; other times, it could be a symptom of a more serious underlying cause.


Here we give you some reasons your baby coughs at night and what you can do about them.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need?

You’re probably listing down the items you need to buy for your baby's arrival when you stopped and asked, “How many crib sheets do I need?”
If you survey experienced moms, you'll find out that they will give you a different answer.


Because it really depends on the preference.

So before determining the number of crib sheets you’ll purchase, ask yourself these questions:

Food Poisoning And Breastfeeding: Should You Keep On Nursing?

You keep on vomiting, visiting the toilet as if you hadn’t seen each other for a long time, getting cold sweats, and whatnot, so you ask yourself:

"I have food poisoning. Should I still breastfeed?"

Well, it depends.

Basing on the extensive research I have done, the answer depends on the level of your food poisoning. But before I share with you these levels, look at the symptoms of food poisoning first and what usually causes it.

Mom’s Review: Top 5 Best Teething Necklace

What’s the solution for babies who just love to chew?

You may say a teether or some ice chips will do. But what if you don’t have any? That’s when the teething necklace will come handy. 

Now before I start:

I know that some moms would rather suffer than wear a slimy saliva-covered teething necklace. But if you want to keep your wits intact, you’ll need one.

So here I am sharing with you five of the best teething necklaces for your babies. But first, let me tell you why you need one.

Mom’s Question: Why Is My Baby Laughing In Sleep?

Our kids’ laugh is the best sound ever!

I still remember it back then, 24 hours after delivery, my baby is laughing in her sleep!

I thought it’s the anesthesia that is doing tricks in my eyes, but no, hubby also saw it. Too bad we were not able to record that one!

Thinking back now, that was unusual but not unexpected. Babies can indeed laugh, giggle, or cry in their sleep.

Mom’s Question: My Baby Won’t Sleep in Bassinet! What Do I Do?

So your baby won’t sleep in the bassinet but only in your arms? You are too tired, and your eyes can’t hold up any longer? Do you wish you could put your baby to sleep through the night in his bassinet or co-sleeper?

In this article, I will give you very simple tips on how to successfully transition into the bassinet, so you’ll finally get some quality sleep that you deserve.

Here are 5 Super Simple Remedies if Your Baby Farts a Lot

My baby farts a lot! It’s so explosive sometimes that it became an ice breaker. I previously thought that it must be in the genes. My husband likes to drop bombs, and we can’t help it but to literally take cover.

But my little buddy’s gassiness became persistent, so I got curious.

After digging around, I was able to remedy my baby’s belching and farting spells. 

Before I give you the magic potion, let me explain quickly the reason your baby farts a lot. 

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