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Helpful Facts On What To Do When Baby Has Diarrhea

Most moms are confused whether or not their babies have a frequent bowel movement. So, how can you tell that your child has diarrhea, and what to do when your baby has diarrhea?

Firstly, what you need to consider is the standard process of passing of stool of children. Newborn babies usually pass stool more frequently, commonly every after feeding. Their feces are usually soft, especially if you are breastfeeding them. Besides that, your infant’s poop may change depending on what they have eaten.

What To Do When Baby Has Fever

Most parents have already experienced waking up late at night just to find out that your child has been already sweaty, hot, and with flushed skin. When you feel his or her forehead, it feels warm.

Most probably, you would suspect a fever. However, you don’t know what to do next. What is baby temperature for fever? When should I call my pediatric physician? What to do when baby has fever.

How To Relieve Gas In Babies

During their first weeks, babies are small lovable creatures who do nothing more than sleep, eat and poop. Crying, burping and farting, babies sure do make lots of noise!

It is natural for a baby to pass gas, they may even do it loudly. This is because babies’ gut is still in a formative age during their first months after birth. It is also the reason why they can easily get all sorts of belly issues.

Gas pain is quite common and is the likely culprit if a baby is constantly crying and in distress. While it is a usual occurrence, there might be some days when your little one can cry inconsolably for hours.

How Old Do Babies Start To Crawl?

Standard textbooks say it starts at six months which is the earliest to ten months of age, the latest. You might be wondering right now if your little one is developing normally, whether he or she is crawling according to this ‘right’ time.

You might have also discussed this concern with your child’s pediatrician just to make sure that everything is in place. This concern is quite common among new parents just like you.

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