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Weaning Baby Off Nipple Shield

What is the best way to wean your child off nipple shields? Here’s the usual scenario: You have been told you have flat nipples or got a latch-on problem and now you are stuck with a flimsy rubbery type of thing called a nipple shield.

Baby has grown attached to it and won’t feed without the shield. You have tried at least once to breastfeed a baby without it, only to console a wailing infant who doesn't want to nurse on your bare nipples. You don’t want to use a nipple shield because it makes breastfeeding difficult but you don’t have any idea how to wean baby off.

Sounds frustrating?

Mom’s Question: What Is The White Spot On My Baby’s gums?

Does your child have a tiny white spot or yellowish dot on his gums? Is it an erupting teeth or what?

I experienced this with my daughter when she was about 12 weeks old. I thought she has an erupting tooth due to the whitish spot that had suddenly appeared on her upper gums. I checked the said spot and it was hard. It’s not like a tooth because it is just a few millimeters, feels flat and round. After a week, it was gone.

These white spots might just be some Bohn’s nodules, or it can also be a symptom of canker sores or oral thrush. It can also appear if the gums are scratched while your baby is playing with sharp toys.

Energy Drinks And Breastfeeding

There are days when coffee is not enough. We have those times when we just need a quick and cold energy boost; as breastfeeding can (literally) drain our energy. Some moms breezed through the day while taking a few sips of coffee here and there.

What about energy drinks? Is it safe to take a can of energy drink while breastfeeding your baby? Is it the same as the usual cup of coffee?

Mom’s Question: Does Beer Increases Breast Milk Supply?

More and more moms are asking whether the old wives’ tale that says beer increases milk supply is correct. The answer is yes and no. It turns out that drinking beer is like a two-edged sword. The beer that your grandmother used to drink a few centuries ago is not the same factory-made beer that you can buy nowadays.

In the past, a beer concoction is made by hand, but now, it is mass-made in a facility somewhere offsite. The quality of beers nowadays has more alcohol and less flavor and even lesser grains. They do not compare to the older craft beers, they won’t function just as good.

Mom’s Question: Baby Will Only Sleep On Me, What To Do?

Does your baby only sleep when held in your arms? Babies tend to get clingy to mom during the first three weeks of life. You can’t blame your little one; he/she spent nine months in your womb. Weighing just a few kilos, you can still carry him for hours. But what if this sleeping routine persists longer than expected?

We coax and rock baby to sleep only to have him wake up the moment you put him down. It’s a daily cycle that can get tiring at times. Perhaps there is a better way to make baby sleep independently without too much struggle and sore arm muscles?

What Is The Best Temperature For Baby?

How warm or how cool should you set your baby’s room temperature? There is no definite answer to that. Some experts might give you a temperature range, but that is not too reliable.

That is the reason why the tropical temperature that is comfortable for the people of Florida might feel too hot for those in Canada. The ambient temperature that is considered typical in arid and hot Arizona is too warm for the cold state of Alaska.