Mom’s Review: Best Toddler Pillows In The Market

Finding the best toddler pillow is tricky. Adult pillows won’t do. Yet something as mundane as a toddler pillow can impact your child’s health and sleep quality big time. You can’t pick just about any pillow just because they are cute; you’ve got to consider a lot of things. Let me walk you through the process of choosing the best toddler pillow for your little kid.

Mom’s Review: In Search For The Best Nursing Pillow

The nursing pillow that you will choose can make or break your breastfeeding routine. Nursing your baby isn’t easy, you’ve got to get used to aches and pains all over. Sitting for hours while holding a growing baby, you’ve got to have the patience of a monk and the nerves of steel.

Breastfeeding can tire your muscles out. I had nearly quit in the first months of breastfeeding with my first born because I can’t seem to find the right latch; that is until I decided to buy a nursing pillow.

All About Summer Shoes For Toddlers

Are you trying to figure out what are the best summer shoes for toddlers so you can pick one, which is more than appropriate for your child’s needs? The summer season is the time when your toddler gets so busy with all the activities that he/she wants to do.

The problem is you might find it a challenge to pick the best pair for him/her, especially if he/she tends to wiggle too much out of your lap or throw tantrums when you are out shopping. Minimize the hassle by ensuring that you are fully aware of what you should look for with this article.

Mom’s Review: Best Crib Sheets For Some All-night Sleep

For our babies, and for us moms, getting quality sleep is everything. If there is one thing that can give your child the best sleep aside from your breasts and a quality mattress, it’s the crib sheets.

Shopping for the best crib sheets is more tedious than say, buying your regular beddings. You’ve got to consider your child’s comfort and safety before hitting checkout. The wrong crib sheet can also give you lots of back-breaking sheet-changing routines; you can even injure your back if you are not careful.

Mom’s Review: Picking The Best Baby Cereal

Your precious baby deserves nothing but the best. Out of the hundreds of baby cereal brands variants in the market, only a handful is worth mentioning. You see, finding the best baby cereal is a bit tricky!

That colorful box sitting pretty on the grocery shelf might be just a simple concoction of sugar and whatnot. That enticing box of cereal with adorning cartoon character and superheroes most likely contain just empty carbs. Don’t ever get tricked by appearances and labels!

Mom’s Review: Best Swim Diaper for Summer

Can you imagine a perfect summer day at the pool, everything’s just right until here comes the loose poop! Suddenly everybody is looking at you and your baby. Whether you like it or not, to your dismay, they have to shut down now the big pool. That was all because of one little poop that escaped from baby’s diaper. Isn't it embarrassing?

Mom’s Review: Best Baby Shampoo For Cradle Cap

What is the best way to handle cradle cap? Seborrheic Dermatitis or cradle cap in layman’s term is that unsightly oily patches or thick skin scales at baby’s scalp. It tends to get yucky because it is fairly resistant to most shampoos and can spread all over your child’s head.

An ordinary shampoo won’t do for cases of cradle cap. This type of yeast can live on your child's scalp for years, like how adults can get a lifelong case of dandruff. The skin can get flaky and itchy.

Cradle cap is not contagious. It is likewise not caused by allergy or poor hygiene. Cradle cap is commonplace, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll just let it as it is. If left on its own, it can irritate baby’s scalp. What are the effective remedies for a baby’s cradle cap?

Mom’s Review: Best Straw Sippy Cups In The Market

Do you have a toddler that has yet to outgrow his feeding bottle? Or does your six-month-old baby suddenly refused to nurse a bottle and wants to wean? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, your little one is now ready to drink from a sippy cup.

Transitioning from a bottle to just about any sippy cup isn’t easy. You’ve got to find the right product, and you need an infinite level of patience while cleaning up spills. Some sippy cups can also hinder speech development, so you need to choose wisely.

Weaning Baby Off Nipple Shield

What is the best way to wean your child off nipple shields? Here’s the usual scenario: You have been told you have flat nipples or got a latch-on problem and now you are stuck with a flimsy rubbery type of thing called a nipple shield.

Baby has grown attached to it and won’t feed without the shield. You have tried at least once to breastfeed a baby without it, only to console a wailing infant who doesn't want to nurse on your bare nipples. You don’t want to use a nipple shield because it makes breastfeeding difficult but you don’t have any idea how to wean baby off.

Sounds frustrating?