Dealing With The Witching Hour Of Your Baby

The witching hour is, as its name suggest, the time during the day when all hell breaks loose. This typically happens when a baby is around three weeks to four months of age. The baby is inconsolable, fussy, and crying incessantly for no reason.

Add to that the rush because the dinner has to be cooked, the older toddler who cries for attention, and the barking dog that adds to the confusion.

You are too tired to do a hundred things on your feet and here you have a little child that cries nonstop.

The witching hour can test the patience of even the gentlest parents out there.

Why does it happen? How can you cope and soothe baby while maintaining your sanity?

Mom’s Review: Best Teething Toys For Babies

Oh, it’s that time in our babies’ life when they suddenly start biting our nipples—teething!

Teething is one of the milestones we, parents, are excited about, but not our babies. Teething for them, well at least most babies I know, is a strenuous stage when they cry and bite and have fever and fuss.

It’s not a good feeling!

Luckily, baby experts these modern days have created a toy that can soothe our babies’ itching gums (and fill in for our breasts): the teether.


Making Breast Milk Last: How To Scald Breast Milk?

Breastfeeding is the best thing that you can give your baby, but this wonderful practice isn’t always easy. You are lucky if you are one of those who never need to store lots of breast milk in preparation for work. But for most moms, freezing and storing milk is the reality.

You might be one of those mothers who have stored a nice stash of breast milk bags in the freezer, only to find out later that they taste foul once heated.

Soapy, sour, metallic, rancid or just downright gross; your milk can taste like any or all of these.


Can You Breastfeed With Nipple Piercings?

Nipple piercing is an art and a form of self-expression that is common among men and women alike. Some of these adventurous women will later turn into mothers. If you are one of them, you might have a lot of questions and concerns.

If you have your nipples pierced, is it even safe to breastfeed? Would the piercing limit your ability to nourish your baby? How can you safely do so? What are the risks involved?

Let us tackle the answer to these questions one by one.

Mom’s Review: Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies

I know you want to exclusively breastfeed your child until she’s ready to be weaned. But there are days you have to step out and do some errands and you need to be alone or being with your baby may be a hassle for both of you.

You may start wondering if it’s a good idea to start switching to exclusive formula feeding. Well, I’m telling you now, NO. Instead, what you can do is to get a bottle for breastfeeding that will be your temporary substitute when you are out.

15 Iron-rich Food For Babies And Toddlers

Iron deficiency is the most widespread mineral deficiency in the world. It is easily preventable, but if left untreated, your child’s health and development are at stake.

Iron and the lack of this nutrient can mean the difference between growth and retardation, strength or weakness and immunity versus disease.

Mom’s Review: Best Feeding Spoons For Baby

As our babies reach their milestones, we can’t help but take photos or videos of them and show it to our friends via social media or offline.

But have you stopped and thought if we have the right tools as our little ones develop?

In feeding, for example, we cannot use just any adult spoon to feed our babies. No matter how small they are or how much we have sterilized them, adult spoons are for adults.