Mom’s Question: What Is The White Spot On My Baby’s gums?

Does your child have a tiny white spot or yellowish dot on his gums? Is it an erupting teeth or what?

I experienced this with my daughter when she was about 12 weeks old. I thought she has an erupting tooth due to the whitish spot that suddenly appeared on her upper gums.

I checked the said spot and it was hard. It’s not like a tooth because it is just a few millimeters, feels flat and round. After a week, it was gone.

These white spots might just be some Bohn’s nodules, or it can also be a symptom of canker sores or oral thrush. It can also appear if the gums are scratched while your baby is playing with sharp toys.

Energy Drinks And Breastfeeding: Can they co-exist?

There are days when coffee is not enough. We have those times when we just need a quick and cold energy boost; as motherhood can drain our energy.

On these days, we need extra help from energy drinks.


Can energy drinks and breastfeeding go hand-in-hand? Is it safe to take a can of energy drink while breastfeeding your baby? Is it the same as the usual cup of coffee?

Here are what the experts say.

​Energy Drinks: Health Hazard To Mom And Baby

Moderate coffee intake for breastfeeding moms is alright in most cases. But energy drinks are in an entirely different ballgame. That seemingly harmless can of energy drink sitting on the refrigerator shelf is a significant health hazard.


It can give you a heart attack by just sipping a handful of cans. That quick fix you can get with just a can of energy drink can also lead you to a quick death. What is in a can of Red Bull or Monster and how can it affect your body?

​1. Caffeine overdose


Energy drinks have a higher dose of caffeine than the usual cup of coffee. It will give you more energy jolt than coffee, making you hyperactive and jittery in no time.


Energy drinks make you crash and burn when the effect of excess caffeine wears out.

If you check the label of your fizzy energy drink, you might notice that its caffeine level is clearly printed somewhere. The caffeine content in energy drinks is regulated and can easily be measured because they are synthetic in origin.

This is not the case for most brewed coffees which have natural plant-based caffeine. In the case of energy drinks, the synthetic caffeine that they contain is more potent compared to natural caffeine.

Why is this bad?

Excessive caffeine is more or less the culprit on a host of health issues such as irritability, palpitations, dizziness, migraines, dehydration and withdrawal. It can elevate your body temperature, increase your blood pressure and make your heart rate racing in no time.

Caffeine intake, especially from energy drinks, has a potential to make you hooked and dependent. You’ll likely get headaches after crashing, and you’ll eventually crave for more caffeine as a quick fix.

It’s a vicious cycle; something that is not entirely different to some types of addiction. Now if you are breastfeeding, you have someone depending on you 24/7. This goes to show that energy drinks and breastfeeding may not be a good idea.

​2. Sugar and artificial sweeteners


We all know that sugar can add to your calorie intake, making you fat unless you burn it through exercise.

What about artificial sugar?

Most energy drinks nowadays contain artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame.

This artificial sweetener is cheaper and offers a viable alternative for those on a diet. However, as another concerned mother, I advise you against taking any beverage or drink with Aspartame in it.

If sugar can make you fat, Aspartame is said to keep your figure while slowly making you sick. The side effects as tallied by the FDA just by taking food or beverage sweetened with this toxic Aspartame is horrifying.

Blurred vision, headaches, confusion, drowsiness, an increase in depression episodes and exacerbation of other diseases: the list goes on and on. Taking an energy drink laced with Aspartame can make you alert but not as sharp, it also exacerbates the conditions that are lying idle in your body.

Think energy drinks and breastfeeding can co-exist? Think again.

​3. Excessive amounts of B Vitamins


Too much of a good thing is harmful. Energy drinks pride themselves of the ability to keep you awake while supplying you with “nutrients and vitamins.” Upon closer look, they contain synthetic types of B Vitamins such as B6 and B3 (Niacin).

Why is this bad news?

Exposure to excessive doses of B Vitamins can lead to liver toxicity, gastrointestinal upset, irregular heartbeat, increased uric acid and blurred vision. One can of energy drink is enough to give you around 100%-200% of your B Vitamins RDA, take it twice, and you are overdosing yourself.

​4. Ginseng, Guarana, Ginkgo Biloba


There are a lot of herbs that you must take with caution while breastfeeding such as Ginseng, Guarana, and Ginkgo Biloba because they are all stimulants.

We have yet to hear any scientific studies that advise against taking them. These herbs are beneficial on their own, but we have yet to see if they are safe when they are taken with caffeine and artificial sugar.

These stimulants might be natural, but they can contribute to palpitations, headaches, insomnia, dehydration and high blood pressure when added to the cocktail of chemicals in an energy drink.

You don’t want to overstimulate baby as this can lead to a lack of quality sleep, fussiness, incessant crying episodes, susceptibility to illnesses and low body weight.

​Infant’s Caffeine Sensitivity

overtired baby

Each baby is unique. What might seem normal and acceptable to your child might be overwhelming for another. Some kids have increased susceptibility to the effects of caffeine, especially the artificial one.

Do not ever attempt to take a sip of energy drink if your child is suffering from a congenital heart disease, asthma, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), irregular heartbeat and low birth weight. It will take days to excrete caffeine in a newborn’s body entirely.

If your child is a light sleeper, you will make him fussier if you drink any beverage with caffeine in it.

​Alternatives To Caffeine

when to stop co-sleeping

If you find yourself being sleepy and foggy brained at daytime, chances are you haven’t got quality sleep the night before. Your baby’s cries might have made you spend most nights awake. It’s about time for you to train your child to sleep independently.

But before drinking coffee or energy drinks:

Try to have some quick naps. Drink some organic green tea, chicory or loose leaf tea as another alternative to coffee.

Listen to soothing music while napping in the afternoon. During a midday slump, take a quick walk around the house or park. Exercise a bit and rest a lot. Cut yourself some slack. You are breastfeeding and caring for your baby so need all the rest that you can get.

Take note, though:

If you are unusually sleepy most of the day, talk to your doctor. You might have a condition that makes you tired quickly. Your doctor can also give you advice on how to keep your energy and be healthy while exclusively breastfeeding your baby.


Tiredness is your own body’s way of saying that you must slow down and rest a bit. Weariness means you have not given yourself some time to recover. Sleep deprivation is a vicious cycle, you have to replenish your body, or you’ll run the risk of always running on empty.

Gulping an energy drink might seem like a quick fix, but it will make you more sleepy and tired after the crash sets in.


Your child gets his nourishment from your body; hence you must keep yourself healthy. Don’t play around with some quick fixes; what you need is sustained energy for the long haul. Don’t push yourself beyond your natural capability.

To put it simply:

Energy drinks and breastfeeding is not a good idea after all.



Mom’s Question: Help! My Baby Will Only Sleep On Me

Does your baby sleep only when held in your arms? Babies tend to get clingy to mom during the first three weeks of life. 

You can’t blame your little one; he/she spent nine months in your womb. Weighing just a few kilos, you can still carry him for hours.

But what if this sleeping routine persists longer than expected?

We usually coax and rock baby to sleep only to have him wake up the moment you put him down. It’s a daily cycle that can get tiring at times.

Is there a better way to make baby sleep independently without too much struggle and sore arms?

What Is The Best Temperature For Baby?

How warm or how cool should you set your baby’s room temperature? There is no definite answer to that. Some experts might give you a temperature range, but that is not always reliable.

The tropical temperature that is comfortable for the people of Florida might feel too hot for those in Canada. The ambient temperature that is considered typical in arid and hot Arizona is too warm for the cold state of Alaska.


What is the best temperature for baby?

Get Your Bed Back Now: When And How To Stop Co-sleeping

Co-sleeping is one of the best things that you can do for your child. No memory is as precious as those twilight times when your baby is cuddled by your side.

But no matter how much your child wants to bed share, there will come a time when he’s got to sleep on his own. That is inevitable, after all, who wants to co-sleep up to grade school?

So you have decided to call co-sleeping quits?

Perhaps your baby is now too big he is occupying most of the bed. Or it could also be due to dads’ protests.

But how are you planning to get your bed back? Are you prepared to face your child’s protests and tears?

Here are five proven tips on when and how to stop co-sleeping.

5 Tricks On How To Help A Teething Baby To Sleep

That teeny weeny pair of teeth is enough to take out baby’s precious sleep. Each child will pass through his/her teething stage but most do with a heaping dose of fuss and cries. Teething might look cute for mom, but it is uncomfortable for your little one.

Genuinely, teething can be an intense issue for guardians to manage. While a few children and little children appear to simply cruise through the teething procedure with negligible torment and object, different infants invest days in uneasiness and torment. What's more, obviously, inconvenience and agony for the most part means NO SLEEP FOR ANYONE.

He may run a fever for a few days and go several nights without proper sleep.

But just because it's common doesn't mean your baby should be deprived of sleep at all.


How can you help a teething baby to sleep soundly?

Baby Teething Symptoms:

Here are some of the most important symptoms that a child has during his teething. Which have many signs regarding different aspects of it.

  • Drooling.
  • Teething Rash.
  • Diarrhea (Swallowing extra saliva can make your baby more poop that usual).
  • Refusal to feed.
  • Increased night waking.
  • More fussing (Crying than usual).
  • Ear Pulling and Cheek rubbing.

Moments To Cherish: 5 Best Baby Memory Books

Don’t we sometimes wish we can hold on to all those precious moments with our kids? Too bad, time ticks fast. Before you know it, all those baby milestones have already passed.

I cannot blame you; our memories can only hold so much.

Good thing we can keep a memento of all those memories to make them last.

Some parents resort to simple journal, some collect pictures and videos, while others make scrapbooks.

But to make safekeeping of baby’s milestones easy, choose a memory book. Here are my five picks for the best baby memory books.

Best Nursing Cover For Breastfeeding Just About Anywhere

Breastfeeding in public are for brave moms. We all know what happens when you lower your shirt in public to feed a hungry baby. 

So to avoid the mixed reactions you may get and to feed your baby in peace, get a nursing cover.

When you're breastfeeding, it isn't constantly reasonable to search for the closest void room at whatever point your infant gets the inclination to eat.

In some cases you need to breastfeed in broad daylight or at family social affairs, and there's no disgrace in that. Feeding a human life should come in front of individuals' feeling of tolerability anytime.

Nursing covers are the pieces of cloth that can give you a little privacy should you wish to breastfeed in public. It’s amazing that with just the right design, these fabrics can help you to be less self-conscious.

Are Nursing Cover Necessary?

In the event that you intend to breastfeed, you may figure you couldn't care less if individuals get a look at your twin towers simultaneously. In any case, feeling that path in your psyche is a ton unique in relation to really doing it (source).

The threatening gazes from other individuals as you begin while sitting in an eatery can sting, despite the fact that you aren't doing anything incorrectly.

Now and then there are no alternatives when you're breastfeeding, other than uncovering yourself or giving your child a chance to cry. Furthermore, neither of those work for a few mothers.

If it’s all the same to you blazing your boobs in broad daylight, good luck with that. Be that as it may, I couldn't force myself to do it. It didn't make a difference on the off chance that I was with companions or outsiders. There was no chance I was OK with it.

How Many Cover do I need?

In case you're the kind of individual who doesn't lose anything and just medical caretakers out in the open once in a while, you might have the capacity to get by with one nursing spread.

Be that as it may, in case you're similar to many occupied mothers where you're always attempting to remain sorted out, you would profit by having two nursing covers. 

From a mold viewpoint, it doesn't hurt to have two distinctive nursing covers one that is lighter in shading and one that is darker so you generally have one to run with your outfits.

Mom’s Review: Picking The Best Double Umbrella Strollers

Having two small kids is awesome. It is twice the fun and excitement! But having two tiny tots in tow is also a challenge. Hence, you need the help of double umbrella strollers when you're out and about.

On the chase for a brilliant umbrella kid buggy for two? Overpowered by the alternatives? We get it. We considered more than 25 potential contenders and picked 5 of the most well-known twofold lightweight alternatives for testing.

We assessed every baby buggy next to each other to figure out which items are astonishing and which are frustrating. We tried every decision for convenience, quality, mobility, and weight and collapsed measure.

But it can't be just any double umbrella strollers.

Using the wrong double stroller to carry your children around can be a hassle. Most double strollers may be bulky and will likely give some serious yet unnecessary workout to your muscles. 

But if you get the best double umbrella stroller, you don't have to worry about straining your muscles and making your kids uncomfortable. 

How do you know then which double umbrella stroller to choose?

Mom’s Review: Best Baby Activity Center

Moms and healthcare experts are divided when it comes to the safety of child activity centers.

One side says even the best baby activity center hinders gross motor development. The other says that we need a baby activity center to keep baby occupied on the floor while we get other stuff done.

Great movement focuses can be drawing in for your kids. The best child movement focuses to consolidate a few exercises like hopping, skipping, strolling/turning.

The best ones influence an infant to utilize the two hands and the two feet to play with toys. It truly creates dexterity and tangible aptitudes. 

Play material like the infant action focuses can assist your infant with improvement and can keep them drew in and engaged. Your child will require diverse performers to play with as she develops.

On the off chance that your infant is 0-6 months old, you will require a play exercise center for her. You'll require a movement place for your child when she is 6-year and a half old.

I cannot take sides because I am likewise guilty of using an exersaucer as a “substitute nanny,” so I am still sharing with you a list of the best.


Before we go about and take our pick at the best baby activity center, let me first give you some words of caution for your child’s safety.