Mom’s Review: Top 5 Best Teething Necklace

What’s the solution for babies who just love to chew? You may say a teether or some ice chips will do. But what if you don’t have any? That’s when the best teething necklace will come handy. Now before I start, I know that some moms would rather suffer than wear a slimy saliva-covered teething necklace. But if you want to keep your wits intact, you’ll need one.

Mom’s Review: In Search Of The Best Changing Pad

Do you want to change diapers on top of your clean bed? No thanks! Your baby’s exploding poop will just ruin the sheets!

How about doing it on top of a bathroom counter? Not possible! If your kid is as energetic as mine, he’ll be on the floor the next second! How about all those germs? You want your kid to catch that while lying on top of a public changing table?

So what is the answer to squirmy kids and dirty surfaces?

Mom’s Question: Why Is My Baby Laughing In Sleep?

Our kids’ laugh is the best sound ever! I still remember it back then, 24 hours after delivery, my baby is laughing in her sleep! I thought it’s the anesthesia that is doing tricks in my eyes, but no, hubby has also seen it. Too bad we were not able to record that one! Thinking back now, that was unusual but not unexpected. Babies can indeed laugh, giggle or cry in their sleep.

5 Tips and Remedies for a Baby That Farts a Lot

My baby farts a lot! It’s so explosive sometimes that it became an ice breaker. I previously thought that it must be in the genes. My husband likes to drop bombs, and we can’t help it but to literally take cover.

But my little buddy’s gassiness became persistent, so I got curious. After digging around, I was able to remedy my baby’s belching and farting spells. If your child sounds like mine (pardon the pun), here’s what I found.

Mom’s Review: 5 Picks For The Best Diaper Pails In The Market

Poops, pukes, rotten diapers; ah the perks of being a parent! Let’s admit it; our babies smell like angels but diapers? Nope. Baby diapers are so stinky that the usual trash bin won’t do.

You might say that you can get used to the foul smell. Let me tell you that this odor will just get worse as your baby eats more and more solids. If you don’t want your house to smell like shit, better check out this list of the best diaper pails.

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