Best Nursing Bras For Breastfeeding And Working Moms

The best nursing bra is designed to make your life a bit easier. This intricate piece of clothing might just look like the regular bra, but they are made for the particular need of a nursing mom.

A bit more stretchable and ultra-comfortable, finding the right nursing bra can help you to breastfeed longer and better.

So let me share with you how you can pick the best nursing bra that can work for you. Also, I'll throw in some of my top picks you can try.


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​How To Find The Best Nursing Bra: It’s All About You!

# Your Size

Do not buy a nursing bra immediately. Better buy it on your last trimester. If this is your first time to give birth, you’ll never know how your body will change after delivery.

Chances are your current size will balloon far beyond your expectations. Do not get surprised if your breasts suddenly jumped two or three cup sizes; that’s part of the package!

# Your activity

Are you planning to be a stay-at-home mom after delivery? Are you to work immediately after giving birth to your baby?

Will you pump your breasts aside from doing breastfeeding? Do you want to be physically active?

There are different kinds of nursing bras for various activities. Do not buy just one style but instead, opt to have at least a few pieces of each type. Trust me; they will all be useful.

# Your Comfort

Factor in a cup size more as an allowance for additional breast growth during your breastfeeding phase. Check the straps, the cloth material, and the locks.

And remember:

A bra that makes you sweat buckets is no good. The closure must snap easily; you must be able to do this with one hand.

Trust only brands that have a good following and has lots of positive reviews. Don’t you every settle for anything less. The wrong fit and design of nursing bra can affect your comfort as well as the quality of your breastfeeding experience.

​Top 5 Best Nursing Bras

​There are lots of knock-offs and myriad of choices in the market, so I had narrowed down the list for you. My top picks for the best nursing bra are:


Hollywood A-lister moms are singing their praises to the Bravado Nursing Bra, and I can’t agree more. This nursing bra looks luxurious and simply beautiful.

Gone are the days when we have to wear grandma-style bras post-partum. Bravado had advanced the nursing bra game a bit higher, and most brands in the market have no choice but to follow suit.

The Bravado nursing bra is the ideal choice if you want something that can be useful to you from the time you are pregnant, up to the time your child turns one.

If you are unsure whether this bra can fit, you have an option to purchase an additional bra extender.

The best part is:

Buy this extender for just a dollar or two; it will be handy during your first week of breastfeeding when your chest suddenly expands to bombshell level. This is the brand of bra that I will be glad to receive during my next baby shower.



  • Non-wire seamless bra looks great underneath shirts
  • Creates an ideal silhouette and attractive shape
  • Soft, stretchable and comfortable fabric
  • Ideal for both pregnant and nursing mothers
  • Covers most large cup sizes and adjustable
  • Costly, but the price is worth it
  • They don’t have an A-cup

Simple Wishes Hands-free Breast pump bra is a best seller bra for all the right reasons. I find this nursing bra to be the best if you are planning to multi-task.

Who says that we moms must lie low when we can get back to work?

This nursing bra can help you to pump your milk with ease. Browse the computer, type and do your works like usual; this intimate wear frees both of your hand to do the things that matter.

The Simple Wishes Hands-Free bra can help you to pump quickly while at work.


Please understand that this is not a stand-alone bra, you still need to wear a Snap-On nursing bra on top. If you are to pump your milk, you’ll just remove the flaps of your bra and fit this one on top.

This nursing bra will help you to use both pumps at the same time, pretty convenient for an electronic breast pump. With the Simple Wishes bra, you can easily position and hold in place your pump receiver, no mess, and no mistakes!



  • Best seller bra for breast pumping moms
  • Offers hands-free function for pumping at work
  • Zip center lock allows you to customize the fit
  • Works with most electronic breast pumps
  • The Velcro part is flimsy
  • Not as reliable once the Velcro broke down

The sizes of our bodies are diverse. Whether you are stick-thin or a triple D in size, the Pump Strap Hands-free Nursing and Pumping bra can get you covered.

This is an ideal buy if you are purchasing a nursing bra before delivery. Just add a size more to get that extra inch, or two covered once the baby comes out.

The best part is...

...this nursing bra is ideal for working moms who can’t spare a full 30 minutes just for the sake of breast pumping. It's hands-free feature allows you to do more while the pump is strapped. The strategically placed holes ensure that your pump receiver won’t fall off.

You can get a good fit and a better suction with this bra’s built-in compression elastics. Using this nursing bra can minimize your time spent pumping while achieving the same amount of milk. Such a win-win at work!



  • Adjustable and has wider ranges of sizes
  • Fixes the pump in place, helps you to pump correctly
  • Compression effect helps to generate more milk while pumping
  • Works with most electronic breast pump brands
  • Not ideal for machine wash and incompatible to all dryers
  • The Velcro enclosure can get detached

iLoveSia is the ideal nursing bra for daily use. This no-frills item is the best-priced amongst this list of best nursing bras. For just a couple of dollars, you can buy one of the most comfortable and durable nursing bras out there.

What's more:

It looks good underneath your t-shirt. It can also hold up much abuse and daily wear and tear.

This bra is best for use at home, but I advise against wearing this when going out or if you are to break some sweat in the gym.


There is not much support since this is obviously not a sports bra. The straps can get flimsy after a month of continuous use. The breast padding also moves around so it can get unsightly at times.

Good thing that you can remove and put back these inserts depending on your need. This nursing bra is surprisingly well-made with a snug fit, such a steal for its price.



  • Best-priced, cheap but good in quality
  • Seamless and looks invisible under thin shirts
  • Removable foam cups
  • Covers sizes from 32BC to 40AB
  • Not ideal for pumping milk
  • No removable front breast flaps

The French Terry is the best sleep bra for nursing moms. If you are looking for the softest bra that you can wear round-the-clock at home, then this is it.

The design of this nursing sleep bra is simple, no locks, no flaps, just everyday comfort.

Breastfeeding at night is easy, no need to unhook anything, just pull aside the bra cover from the front to expose your breasts.

This nursing bra can support your breasts as well as your additional breast pads to catch those leaks. You can use this nursing bra starting at pregnancy. You’ll get a snug fit without constricting or rubbing your muscles or skin.

This bra is so soft; you won’t even feel it at times. Since this bra can stretch big time, just order your usual size, no extra cup allowance needed.



  • No wire, no hooks, just a simple soft bra for daily use
  • Comfortable enough as a nursing sleep bra
  • Accommodates sizes up to XXL
  • Can also be used as a yoga bra
  • Machine washable
  • The style looks a bit old-school, not as flattering
  • The cloth can get stretched and not get back to normal size after some time


As new moms, we tend to do and think of a hundred things at once. Choosing the best nursing bra must not turn into a guessing game. There is no need for you to do the hassle of trial and error.

Purchase the best nursing bra and don’t settle for less, you’ll save money and sanity by getting it right the first time.

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