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When To Give Gripe Water To Babies

It's late at night, and you've checked to see if the baby is sleeping soundly. For a Mom or Dad, making sure that a baby is comfortably sleeping is the top priority. However, a baby's crying can shatter the evening's peace and quiet.

You check if he's hungry, wet, carry him and sing him to sleep, but nothing works. What could it be? Yes, it could be colic.They say giving gripe water to babies is an old wive's tale – or something that technology has already superseded.

However, gripe water is more than just a home remedy for colic. Parents also use it to relieve teething pain and other signs of discomfort in babies. So when to give gripe water to babies?

When Can Baby Have Citrus Fruits?

It is amazing how much nutrients and fiber an orange can pack, but for some kids, citrus fruits give rashes and hyperacidity of the stomach. Child-rearing entails a lot of patience, trial and error and false starts.

An act as simple as giving a slice of fruit can be harmful if not done right. What worked well for a child might be totally inappropriate for another kid. A lot of parents are wondering if it is safe to let baby eat citrus during his first months of eating solid food.


How Long Do Alcohol And Caffeine Stay In Your Breastmilk?

During pregnancy, women are not allowed to drink coffee and alcohol. The caffeine present in a coffee can affect the heartbeat of the baby and even risk miscarriage. Alcohol can result in stillbirth or fetal alcohol syndrome that may lead to heart defects, facial deformities, and mental retardation.

For women who are avid coffee or alcohol drinkers, overcoming the nine months is indeed a big feat. But after the baby is born, do you still have to abstain from coffee or alcohol? Technically, no but there are other factors to be considered if you want to drink alcohol and caffeine during breastfeeding. So how long do alcohol and caffeine stay in your breastmilk? Let's find out!

How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Teething?

When a baby is crying, what do you do? How do you understand the needs of your baby without their ability to speak? Taking care of a baby especially for first-time mothers can be both exciting and scary.

There is no amount of happiness can surpass that of being a mother. However, there are also inhibitions whether or not we are doing the right things. It is important that we understand the stages of our child’s development and the corresponding adjustments we have to take.

Japanese Parenting: Co-sleeping For Your Baby’s Health and Wellbeing

Co-sleeping is a big part of Japanese parenting, just like how it is perceived the world over as one of the most natural thing. Approximately 90 percent of the world’s parents co-sleep with their babies. Asian, particularly Japanese parents take the lead.

What’s striking is that for Americans and other Western cultures, co-sleeping is a big no-no! Co-sleeping is controversial especially in the United States due to the growing incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) that is unreasonably blamed to infants co-sleeping with their parents.

What is it about co-sleeping and how does it have the bad reputation it has? Why is it that despite Western advice against it, Asian especially Japanese parents still stick to this tradition?


Japanese Parenting: How To Train Your Child To Eat Healthy Without A Fuss!

Healthy eating is all about discipline and parenting tactics. The expectation with regards to a child’s acceptance of food may vary from country to country, but the downside to picky eating is universal.

Choosy eaters will grow deprived of nutrients that can only be found in certain food groups. If you let your toddler have it his way, he’ll likely grow up not as healthy and disciplined.

You want to give the best for your child and food can sometimes be the reward. But let me tell you that indulging your child is entirely wrong! So, is this something that you are guilty about?

Japanese Parenting: Practical Discipline Techniques That Works!

Are we missing something in this common struggle of parents called discipline? Children are fascinating but growing them right takes work, lots of hard labor and tough love. Yes, they are adorable creatures, but they can get headstrong and unpredictable.

As you might have figured by now, they come into the world without an instruction manual. We can either let them grow by default or mold them into the right direction, but how?

How To Deal With Your Fussy Baby At Night

A lot of moms are complaining about getting too exhausted at night because this is the time their babies go nuts! Have you ever heard about the “Witching Hour”? It usually happens between 6 P.M. up to 10 in the evening.

Some kids who are calm all day long turn cranky and want to nurse nonstop. But, the worst part? Witching hour usually happens when you and your partner wants just to sit down, watch the tv, or have your dinner.

During the witching hour, infants do not seem to calm down. Feedings become useless; pacifiers turn worthless, and lullabies are hopeless.  You will hear your baby’s loud cry, and it does not end until you figure out what has gone wrong. So, how should you deal with your fussy baby at night?